About the Artist

Débora Ewing is a writer and artist living in Annandale, Virginia. Her first published short short story, Coloring Outside the Lines, can be found at Jerry Jazz Musician and is cited as a resource in the book Jazz Fiction: A History and Comprehensive Reader’s Guide by David Rife.

Friends describe her as having a restless mind with her highest priority being to “reconcile reality with what should be.”  Discontented with the status quo she likes to write stories about people on the edge.  Her most underrated skill is being a catalyst for shenanigans: things happen when she is around that might not normally happen…

See more of her work at www.debnation.com

About the Art

The artist is trying to convey that each person glows from deep within, from a well that springs out of the roots of the family tree. It picks up energy from everything a person touches, until it bursts out the top of the skull and envelops that person, wrapping her up in the music of her own color.

“The person I interviewed for PTSD really emphasized how real it feels and this was pretty much her vision, more so than mine. It seems unanimous among people who have PTSD that the colors are comforting but the depiction is accurately representing what they feel.”