Our purpose is to provide outstanding professional mental health services in Washington State.

Our mission is to create and offer a highly effective place to heal the mind and body by integrating the art and science of clinical psychology and nervous system physiology.

  • By bringing together highly trained and experienced clinical and forensic psychologists, neuroscientists, and mental health counselors
  • By applying the advancements of psychotherapy, neurotherapy, and nervous system physiology
  • By providing services that heal the mind, regulate the nervous system, and optimize performance

Our vision is to become the Pacific Northwest’s premier professional mental health clinic that integrates our client’s unique biology, psychology, sociology, culture, and spiritual experiences to heal their mind and body

Our Values

  • We respect and appreciate multicultural diversity, our client relationship, and client individuality
  • The needs of our clients always come first by doing what is right for them as an individual
  • Our entire staff is compassionate and excellent throughout the entire relationship
  • Healing is accomplished through inspiring hope and facilitating change
  • Teamwork is through collaboration and alignment with a client’s individual needs and goals

Our Value Proposition

At Brain Health Northwest, we provide premium mental health services that are highly effective by integrating state-of-the-art psychotherapies with neurotherapies. Because of our unique staff expertise and applied technology capabilities, we are different than any other provider in the areas we serve.

Warm-hearted, high-tech mind-body health care