Brian Judd, Ph.D, BCN

Clinical & Forensic Psychology

Olympia Office

On Sabbatical until Summer 2020
Dr. Judd completed his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Houston in 1989. Throughout his graduate career, Dr. Judd focused on neuropsychology. He published extensively in the area of regional cerebral blood flow and correlates with multi-infarct dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in geriatric populations. Throughout his graduate career he also worked with pediatric head trauma and oncology populations. His research interests centered principally on psychophysiology with research on the topography of the 40 hertz event-related potential and neural plasticity in pediatric head trauma populations.

Following completion of his Ph.D. Dr. Judd was the coordinator of an outpatient neuropsychology rehabilitation clinic in Houston and he held a similar position in western Washington. Since 1991, Dr. Judd has focused on the development and maintenance of a forensic practice in Seattle and Olympia. When he joined Brain Health Northwest, Dr. Judd returned to his academic roots. He will provide neurofeedback training and therapeutic services in Olympia and the South Sound.