Canine Therapists

Canine Therapists


Zahara, or Z, is a working dog (St. Bernard) who is really happy when she gets to come to work and do therapy. She finds that hugs, play, and snacks with your friends are the best intervention when it comes to being happy, grounded, and connected. She loves movie time and all 140 lbs. of her will lay at (or on) your feet, reminding you to sit still and pay attention during your neurofeedback session.


This is Bula (pronounced “boo-lah”). Bula is a Fijian word that translates to “life” and most commonly used in Fiji for “hello” or “welcome”. When you meet Bula, he will want to express wishes for your good health. He loves people and stuffed animals and only asks for hugs and petting.


Layla (aka “Cuteness”) views her mission as spreading the release of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” It is connected to life-affirming activities like parental nurturing, social bonding and pleasure.  She loves being petted and will happily sit in your lap, on the sofa or anywhere else she can get her tummy rubbed.


Jasper is a frenetic whirlwind of excitement and energy, who is very generous with affection in exchange for ample belly rubs and a good scratch behind the ear.  He delights in training exercises to keep his brain sharp, brisk games of frisbee, and a dip in his pool on hot summer days.  Rambunctious as he is, Jasper is at his core a sweetheart whose silly personality shines in the presence of everyone he meets.


Harley, a standard Pomeranian, loves her cat sisters, a good walk, and pondering “Y” are we here, if not only to receive treats?


Dodger, aka “Chewie,” thinks therapy is an adventure. He loves to be first mate in his human’s Jeep, aka “The Aluminum Falcon,” which can do the Kibble Run in less than 12 parsecs. Dodger is attentive to his surroundings; he utilizes mindfulness skills to keep himself fully present and enjoying whoever he is hanging out with.

Aussie and Mignonne

Aussie and Mignonne appreciate togetherness and over the last eight years of their cohabitation have learned the value of togetherness. They take great comfort in each other’s presence and are an inseparable pair.


Friendly and sweet, Mishka loves spending time with people. She will “greet” you with doggy smiles, a happy tail, and requests for pets. She can offer quiet support and encouragement through your neurofeedback sessions. Continuously shedding good cheer and contentment, she regularly leaves little furry reminders of herself behind, wherever she goes.