THIS: " “What do you actually need from me that I’m not doing?” Ask your kids that. Ask your parents that. Ask your spouse and your friends and your boss and your mailman. You don't have to actually do all the things, but give them voices. Eventually we'll all have voices.

Researchers Create New Map of Brain's Immune System
Researchers have created an entirely new map of the brain's own immune system in humans and mice. #neuroscience #science #immunesystem

We've lost humility in an age of entitlement—and that's making us angrier

"The act of telling the story doesn't necessarily alter the automatic physical and hormonal responses of bodies that remain hypervigilant. For real change to take place, the body needs to learn that the danger has...

#Seattle people. If you are struggling with recovery from emotional #trauma please come see us. Join us for an intensive where we “do all the things” to help you heal and thrive.

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