Psychedelic Integration

Disclaimer: While there is great hope for decriminalization and rescheduling, most psychedelic substances are still illegal. By choosing to take those substances, you are exposing yourself to legal risk. By providing this service, we are not endorsing self-administration. We do not provide referrals to underground therapists. Our services are being offered in the spirit of harm reduction.   

The use of psychedelics for clinical conditions has been coming back into the public awareness with the publication of books, such as Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind and with the increasing number of clinical trials leading to the expected reclassification of these compounds for therapeutic use. Some of these clinical trials are demonstrating efficacy in conditions such as trauma, treatment-resistant depression, and addictions. They are also being studied for enhancing spiritual peace and a sense of connectedness for those with terminal illnesses.

While many of these substances are still in the process of being reclassified (read: currently still illegal), we find that many people are seeking access through underground sources in an effort to seek relief from their persistent cognitive and emotional pain. Yet access to these substances is not enough. While the medicine provides an opening to heal, it is the integration afterwards that allows one to make sense of the experience and to reframe the pains of the past. Many adults with busy lives, careers, and families often do not have a social group, or even a clinician familiar with these substances, with whom they can process their thoughts and feelings. We can help by providing you a safe place to do this work.

What is discussed less frequently is the potential danger for some people to use these compounds. Some people carry a variation of the COMT gene that makes them more susceptible to psychosis. People on prescription medications such as MAO Inhibitors or SSRIs are more susceptible to a potentially fatal condition known as serotonin syndrome.


We have clinicians who have received training in psychedelic integration with whom you can safely and confidentially process your experience. We do testing for psychosis-related mental health conditions. We also offer client education so that you can make well-informed decisions. We are interested in collaborations with research groups studying these compounds to provide QEEG assessments before, during, and after administration.