QEEG Report Writing and Consultation

We offer a QEEG analysis and report writing service to other clinicians. We can also arrange a consultation to discuss our findings with you and your client.

We require ten minutes of 19-channel EEG data collected in the eyes open and in the eyes closed condition in a linked ears montage in EDF format, and the amplifier type on which it was recorded. (With some clients, it may be difficult to obtain artifact-free data; in such a case, we will discuss whether it would be best to try to recollect or if we can interpret with caveats.)

We typically use the normative database from Applied Neuroscience, Inc.  We use analysis tools NeuroGuide, WinEEG, BrainAvatar, and NFTools for various aspects of the analysis.  When needed, we may also use other normative databases including QEEGPro, BrainDX, NewMind, and Jewel.

The reports are customizable regarding length, detail, and contents. The main features include:

  • Intake Summary
  • Data Quality Metrics
  • Raw Data Waveforms
  • FFT
  • Z-scored Surface Maps (Power, Coherence, Phase, Ratios)
  • Symptom Check List
  • Network Check List
  • Treatment Recommendations
    • Neurofeedback
      • 4 Channel, 19 Channel
      • Z-scores, Amplitude, ILF, Alpha-Theta
    • Non-neurofeedback treatment plan recommendations
  • Discussion
  • Additional Reading