Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries come in many ways and so do the symptoms.  Maybe you just can’t concentrate.  Memory seems to come and go, or maybe just go.  Perhaps your moods and emotions are no longer predictable, or they just stay the same – usually depressed, but often anxious, too.  Sometimes there is literal pain in places where you weren’t hurt.  Sleep, appetite, and other daily rhythms are no longer regular.  Or, nothing makes sense anymore!  You get lost in places you’ve known for years.  You make mistakes in simple arithmetic.  Maybe you have throbbing headaches that just won’t go away.  


TBIs take on many forms because the areas and networks in the brain govern just about everything we do, think and feel.  Auto accidents, sports injuries (yes, a concussion can most definitely result in a TBI!) and slips and falls are some of the most common causes of a TBI.  Our bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places in our world!

At Brain Health Northwest, we will run a comprehensive assessment of functioning to find out what brain areas have been affected.  In addition to understanding your history, we will perform neuropsychological testing to find out how you’re doing currently, a general physiological work-up to understand how your peripheral nervous system is doing, and a QEEG to understand how and where your brain has been hurt.  From there, we will lay out a treatment plan to address your needs.  This may involve several approaches ranging from sLORETA neurofeedback to Heart Rate Variability training (to better regulate blood oxygen availability to the brain stem and midbrain), lifestyle changes to encourage better long-term self-care, and, of course, support and understanding for you and your loved ones!   


Just like TBIs are different for each person, treatment plans and recovery periods also vary a great deal.  We have seen many of these kinds of injuries.  While the classic prescription of “rest” often does the trick for minor injuries, it usually requires much more if there has been more severe damage.  Our commitment to you is to stick with you, using everything at our disposal, to help you get as full a recovery as possible!